National Golf Club

During Play in the Turkish Junior League at the National Golf Club May 31st.
Bekir Kara informed me that 15 years old Berk Çelik was 5 under par after 9 holes, difficult to believe but true. So we went to watch to see if he could possible hold on to such a start, never having been close to such a score before. Berk start back with regular pars at 10, 11, and 12. On 13 an iron from the tee left him with a pitching wedge to the green, straight over the flag leaving him a 6m. downhill putt which he calmly rolled in for a birdie taking him to 6 under. An enormous drive on 14, again pitching wedge to the front of the green leaving himself a 20m. putt which we prayed he could get close enough to make par. But he again calmly rolled it in to get him to 7 under. By now I was getting nervous, can this possible continue. 2 great shots later Berk was looking at 4m. putt for eagle, this one, he just missed settling for birdie and 8 under.

This was new territory, no one Pro or amateur had ever been in this position at the National and this lad is 5 handicap.

A good tee at 16 to the front left of the green leaving him again at least 20m, s up over the ridge, (3 putt area?) but straight in for birdie 2 and 9 under par with 2 to play. His tee shot on 17 was way left in the trees, leaving the green unsighted, from there he hit a remarkable shot which unluckily ran just through the back, he chipped to 2m. but unfortunately missed for his first and only bogey of the day, but still to go to the eighteenth tee at 8 under.

His 4 Iron from the tee looked like it was headed for the bunker on the right of the fairway, but fortunately came to rest on grass but the ball was touching the bunker steps, from here he was given relief, a pitch to the green and 2 putts gave him a brilliant total of 64 (8 under par). This was the lowest score ever recorded at the National and I am sure that it will remain as a Junior record for many years to come.